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Discover why people chose My-Fi – unlimited wireless bandwidth through top notch WiFi technology providing up to 300Mbps, backed up by fiber optics backbone. There are more than 30.000 wireless access points installed in the areas of coverage.

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No need for long term binding contracts. Prepay for 2 months of service and you’re good to go. Fast Internet, high definition TV, rapid downloads. Get it all with My-Fi.

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If you don’t see “” wireless network at your location, please get in touch with us online so we can step in and help. Just click on your area.

How to connect?

Order My-Fi and get online fast and easy:

- Check for WiFi coverage in the area. Make sure you see a wireless network.

- Go to any Networx-BG cashdesk.

- Prepay 2 months of My-Fi - 2х4,99lv = 9,98lv.

Ready! You can now get online and surf with unlimited traffic.

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